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Newsletter subscription notice.

With this notice DEPECHE Srl Unipersonale (single-shareholder company managed and coordinated by Portovenere Srl Unipersonale and data controller) hereby advises you of how your data will be processed, in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679.

Purposes of the processing and legal basis

The data collected (e-mail address) will be processed exclusively to send you our newsletter containing information on commercial initiatives and events organized by DEPECHE. Providing an e-mail address is optional, therefore failure to provide it will make it impossible to receive our Newsletter. The processing of data in relation to the compilation of this form has as its legal basis the request for your consent (Article 6, section 1, subsection a of the GDPR).

Transfer of data to third countries

The data will be transferred to the United States as the mail marketing provider Depeche uses is based in the United States. In this case, this data transfer will find its lawfulness in the exemption pursuant to art. 49, paragraph 1 lett. a) by requesting your explicit consent, as there are no other adequate guarantees pursuant to art. 45-46 and 47 of the GDPR and on 16 July 2020, by the European Court of Justice, the decision on the adequacy of the privacy shield ("Privacy Shield") which regulated the transfers of personal data from the European Union to United States.

What are the possible risks of transferring personal data to the United States?

  • A first risk consists in not receiving a level of protection of personal data equivalent to that guaranteed in the European Union. This is because US law authorizes, in particular pursuant to art. 702 of FISA, surveillance programs necessary to meet national security needs, public interests or the administration of justice to the detriment of the fundamental rights of individuals whose personal data is transferred to the United States.

  • A further risk concerns the scope of judicial protection where the mediation mechanism does not provide the interested parties with means of redress before bodies that offer guarantees substantially equivalent to those required in EU law, as the independence of the Ombudsman is not ensured. . (to learn more go to the "Privacy Shield" page of the website of the Privacy Guarantor

For these reasons, we inform you that the consent you will grant to receive the newsletter brings with it the need to transfer the data to the United States as the headquarters of the service provider chosen by Depeche. However, in the event of disagreement in transferring the data to the United States, you can freely opt out of the newsletter service.

Data retention term

The collected data will be kept until you unsubscribe from the service. You can unsubscribe from the service either through the settings in your account area or by clicking on the specific link on each newsletter sent.

Data recipients

The data will be processed exclusively by DEPECHE staff and by third party companies / consultants who carry out tasks / services on behalf of the owner as data processors (eg for technological maintenance needs of the site, for the mail marketing service ). The data will not be transferred.

Rights of the data subject

Pursuant to Chapter III of the GDPR, the data subject is always entitled to contact the data controller to obtain access to their data, and likewise to obtain the rectification or erasure thereof or the restriction of the processing, or to object to the processing, to obtain data portability, or to revoke consent to the processing (if given), exercising these and the other rights provided for by the GDPR by either by accessing their personal account or by merely writing to the data controller. Finally, the data subject may file a complaint with the data protection authority (known as the Garante per la protezione dei dati personali in Italy) if they feel that the data concerning them has been processed in a way that breaches data protection legislation in force.

Data controller

The data controller is DEPECHE S.R.L Unipersonale, a company managed and coordinated by Portovenere S.r.l. Unipersonale, with head office in Italy, at Via dell’Agricoltura n. 47/49 , Carpi (MO). For further information on data processing or on exercising the rights stated in the previous section, please contact us at: [email protected]

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